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Film producers across South Film Industry confirmed that there will not be any new release from March 1 as their meet with digital service providers was a failure.

“The offer was 20k instead of 22k from them. Film industry can’t get hit for someone’s false business model”, said Prabhu, who says that digital service providers agreed to reduce only two thousand from the visual projection fee(VPF).

“For a 2 crore budget film #Aruvi we have paid 50lakhs as VPF. It could have been only 15 lakhs. Out of 2.2 crore VPF we paid for 4 films in 2017, Someone ate around 1.5cr of ours. We could have made one more film with that saving!Producers/Distributors paid VPF thinking that after a certain period the projectors will be handed over to theatres. But now DSPs say, they own the equipment! How on earth a 3rd party pay for 1st party’s equipment & finally 2nd party says the equipment is mine”, tweeted the producer.

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